Thankful for Nightmares?!

This is a tiny post from a few months back that I had a ton of response from. It seems that it may have hit home with many readers…

If you wonder why the Bible says to be thankful in all things, consider this.  Last night, in the middle of the dark, my daughter comes into my room literally shaking.  She had a nightmare.  As she told me about her awful dream, I held her.  Her little body was trembling.  I felt so bad for her, but I remember having the strangest thought.  As I was holding her and praying for her, I realized that i was actually thanking God for her nightmare.  

Then I almost corrected myself.  Thanking God for her nightmare?  See, without it, I would have not had one of the most tender, precious moments I can remember.  So I left the prayer as stated.  I held her until her trembling stopped and she fell gently asleep.

Have you ever had a nightmare in your life?  Something that caused you to go running to your Father trembling?  I have. Don’t miss out on one of the most tender moments you can spend with God.  Allow Him to hold you until your shaking stops.  

And thank Him for the nightmare.  

1Thess. 5:18

“Hold me Jesus, I’m shaking like a leaf.  You have been King of my glory.  Won’t You be my Prince of Peace.” Rich Mullins


~ by Scott Herrin on April 26, 2011.

5 Responses to “Thankful for Nightmares?!”

  1. Ok, I read your post… and it left me a little confused.
    Your daughter has a horrific nightmare and you THANK God for her having this nightmare in order for YOU to have this ‘tender moment’
    what about your daughter… and what she had to go thru just for YOU to have this tender moment. havent you ever had a night mare? do you know how awful then can be?
    Im a grown woman who still to this day suffers from horrifying nightmare, that mess me up for days and days, imagine what a child goes thru… and all so you can have a tender moment?

    im seriously confused…

  2. Great question! And I understand your confusion. To answer the first question you ask, the answere is yes! I have even been treated for sleeping disorders. So I can definitely relate. And no, it isn’t the fear that she experienced that I was thankful for. I was, and am, thankful for the response. Each of us in our live will experience things that bring us fear and trembling. That is part a of living in a sinful world. As Christians, those things should serve only as mere reminders of in whom our peace is found. She knew where to go. She came to her daddy. He made it better.

    In my life, when I am living real nightmares…not dreamed ones, I have learned who bring my peach in the storm. I’ve learned that only Christ can calm my trembling. What a great lesson for my child to learn. I was able to have an amazing “teachable moment” with her the next day. We both learned and grew from the situation. This is another thing i am thankful for.

    I suppose I expected that these ideas were pretty evident in where I was going with the point of the post. So I am glad you asked. It made me have to write them out for those who didn’t really understand.

    Am I thankful for her fear? No. The tender moment was time that we will both never forget. I went through a real personal nightmare of my own about 3 years ago. At the time I though it was he’ll on Earth, but looking back now, I am so thankful for that nightmare! I knew where to go and He made it better. Now life is even better than it was before and I will never forget the tenderness He showed me during that time.

    But here is the kicker…

    On the night in question… The next morning I asked her what her dream was about. What had she dreamed that had her so upset? She couldn’t remember. She said, “All I remember is snuggling up with you, daddy… And i wasn’t scared no more!”

    Am I thankful? Yeah I am.

    This post was not about my own selfishness, it was about a lesson learned in truth that I believe God sent to my life in the words of a child.

    • Sorry about all the typos. It takes me a while to get my typing fingers working in the morning…

  3. Thank you, Scott…this just reminded me of my need to ‘snuggle up’ to God and really seek his guidance today. We’re going thru a lot of changes right now, not a nightmare really, but still we need to remember to constantly seek God’s guidance in our decisions. Thank you!

    • Thanks Christy! You found the exact point I was trying to get across. Saying a prayer for you! Hope you continue to experience His peace!

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