Bryan Duncan, Grammy Award winning Misfit’s take on Rehab, Motorcycles, and being a Preacher’s Kid

CCM artist, Bryan Duncan, has accomplished much in his life. The Grammy Award and Dove Award winning artist has sold over a million records, released 15 solo albums, released two books, and is a member of the Black Sheep Harley Davidson’s For Christ. But when meeting Bryan in person, I learned quickly that he had a very humble spirit.  His words are direct, witty and to the point but he is quick to admit that he is a work in progress.

When asked to give an interview for Devotions4Misfits, he was more than willing to oblige.  When going through a rough time in my own personal life with being a misfit, he offered great encouragement and understanding, so it was only natural that I felt inclined to ask for his input.  Here he is in his own words.

* Do you consider yourself a misfit in the current environment of the church? Do you consider yourself to be religious?  How has that effected your relationship with God?

Odd thing is I am a misfit for church, always have been but that makes me perfect for it! Odd word too Religious.. I practice my own little rituals, don’t put much faith in em though. It is the pain and suffering that drives me to a relationship with God frankly, I have trouble with people.

* Being a “preacher’s kid” has had a big part in how you viewed Christianity since a very early age.  What impact do you feel it has had on your life as an adult?

Well it has certainly made me more “pragmatic” I’ve seen Christianity from the back! That’ll scare anyone. But that said it’s why Christ had to make the sacrifice, our best efforts really suck. The impact of my childhood is irreversible, but I would say it gave me all the biggest questions to consider in life!  

* Was it tough living up to the “preacher’s kid” expectations?

No doubt, but then living up to “expectations” will always spin you out regardless of what they are or where you came from.

* Your music has touched/reached a lot of people.  In your concerts it is common to see a lot of smiling and dancing. Your music has always been your main focus.  But one thing I’ve noticed is that you regularly bring it into a serious place where you share from your heart about addiction.  Assuming that someone reading this is struggling with addiction, what would you say to offer hope?

 There is a God and it’s not me! Recovery is an every moment work at replacing what you medicate with and for what reasons you justify it. Best advice I’ve ever heard in Recovery is “Keep coming back” no matter how many times you don’t get it right.

* “Radio Rehab” has been close to your heart for a long time.  How can we find it and what exactly is it all about?

It’s 90% music that speaks to issues of recovery. I only play music that I like, and I occasionally talk about what I don’t like in my own life. is my step 12 work offered on line in an entertaining way of keeping you focused on overcoming the odds of addiction.

* One of your newest projects is writing.  Your book is not the typical devotional that you will find of the shelves of the local Christian bookstore.  Tell us about it and how we can get a copy.

Dear God, Really? Was inspired 20 years before I published anything. It was an exercise I did in Rehab as a way of improving my own awareness of God (my higher power) and the first step was to be honest about my anger, hurts and resentments! It’s available

And or

* What projects do you have planned for the future?

I have new music coming out monthly, building a project of music called “Acoustify” and I’m writing a “Five Second Devotional” (Spoke to God he said…)

* I understand that you have had a special relationship with a “jezabel” of your own.  Tell us about her.

Jezebel is my 03 custom heritage softail Harley Davidson.

She’s almost killed me once but nothing beats a motorcycle for clearing the fog out of your soul. Also she’s part of my recovery in replacing my defects of character through positive pursuits!

* Do you have any favorite bands or hobbies?

 Frankly I’m as old as the music I like. It’s always about the individual song… I don’t care where that comes from…

My hobby is my work… Words! Turns of a phrase, the way things are said! I love it just for pure pleasure.

* In the entertainment industry, what artists are you compared to?  do you like that?

 I don’t know who they compare me too..just talk about “Blue Eyed Soul” what ever is fine with me long as someone’s listening.

* Is there anything that I haven’t asked that you want the reader to know?

I’m a social media freak! and


~ by Scott Herrin on May 6, 2011.

5 Responses to “Bryan Duncan, Grammy Award winning Misfit’s take on Rehab, Motorcycles, and being a Preacher’s Kid”

  1. thank you for what you do Scott I have been as you are a misfit.
    But I know that with others like us which we all are we can win all
    that God has for us to win. God is using you keep up the work and

  2. Thank you bro!! I’m glad to see that some are encouraged. I am excited about this a future articles. I’m working on several now including an interview with Pastor Bob Beeman, pastor of Sanctuary International, a church aimed at the metal subculture. Fun stuff!!

  3. I remember being a little kid and listening to Bryan Duncan on the way to school in your truck. 🙂 This blog reminds me of the song about the “average American preacher’s kid” and it made me smile. I love the blog!

    your sis

  4. Ha!! THAT’S IT! I still remember that song…
    Bryan’s awesome!

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