Is the Church Sick?

My whole life I have been different.  I’ve never really  been one of the popular crowd or a member of the “it” club.  I have, however, been through a lot.  The term “misfit” is really a suitable title for who I am.  I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to fit in with people only to realize, now, that I am simply who I am… and the best part about that is that Jesus is okay with it.  He made me the way I am and that is a good thing.  Some recent changes in my life have taught me a few lessons for sure.  One of the biggest lessons I have learned is one that I would like to share with you in this post.

I have really been struggling lately in my own life with something that I never thought I’d struggle with. Now, before I go any further, let me make it clear that I am a “Church goer” and plan on always going. I am a strong believer in the Lord, however after a transition that took me out of “church work” and into “the real world” of blue-collar labor, I am seeing things from both sides of the fence.

I have enjoyed being a normal guy. Wearing jeans rather than suits and ties, letting my hair grow out a bit, carrying a measuring tape and box cutter rather than a lap top and bible commentary books; these are just a few of the differences that I’ve had to adapt to. I still have my close friends from my past churches, but I’ve learned a lot from my new friends and co-workers. — and here is the part I’m struggling with. I’m seeing so many of the same things in the secular work world that I saw in ministry.

For example, let me give you a quick test.

Tell me – in which world, the church world or the secular world, do you expect to see the following things?


Rumors running rampant?

Two-faced people?

Back stabbing?

— the answer is BOTH. And my new friends in the corporate struggle with differentiating the difference in the daily struggle they face at work, and what they see in me–us –believers. I try to live Christ in front of them, but to many the church is little more than a social club. The church should be different. But sadly, many times it is little more than a place where people fuss over who stole “their” seat, where fingers are pointed and “those awful sinners who are going to hell”, and where we worry more about what kind of music we like than we do about reaching a world that is searching for the peace and joy that knowing Christ can bring. I’m attending a church now where so far things are going well. But it is almost like I’m holding my breath for the bottom to fall out.

The church has some pretty serious work to do. It is as if the church is sick. The church is not a building, a place where committees decide who is fit to attend, or a place to trade casserole recipes. It is the Bride of our Lord. It is those of us who are trying to go out into a real world and daily show people the difference that being a believer in Jesus can make. It is smiling when you don’t really don’t have any reason to other than just an inward peace. It is bringing peace and positivity to a negative, harsh, and tumultuous place that is full of strife and turmoil and making folks wonder what it is about you that is different.

How long will I be in the corporate workforce?  Good question.  I suppose until God changes the path that I am on, I will be content to be wherever He puts me.  I do want to be a part of the solution rather than the problem, though.  I want to be a shot in the arm of the church… the antibiotics that will bring health and vitality back.  Today, I want to make someone smile.  And if they ask me what is different in my life, I want to be prepared to give an answer that will glorify the real and positive relationship that God can have with us as humans.

Stop just going to church start being the church. For HEAVEN’s sake.

There you have it –

Truth wins


~ by Scott Herrin on May 16, 2011.

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