Epic Fails in Sharing your Faith

Look out, I’m on a soap box! Jumping head first into this one.

1.  DON’T PUT TRACTS ON URINALS!  Really?  Trust me on this one.  This

Could this be more uncomfortable?!

couldn’t be more ignorant.  I mean tract witnessing is fine when it is done with dignity, but come on, the last thing on my mind when I am going potty is “the Steps to Peace with God…” assuming I would actually touch something that is laying on that surface.  Such poor judgement and such bad taste.  I hope that I haven’t offended someone that actually came to Christ by this method, but if you did, trust me there are better ways of sharing God’s love!

I'm not surprised that I found this pic on an atheists blog...

2.  LEAVE REAL TIPS.  Don’t just throw a tract down on the table for the waitress.  Part of being a Christian is this amazing concept of giving.  Your waitress, although they may have a genuine need for the Lord in their life, is working because they need money.  Give to them, out of the Spirit in your life.  Befriend them, smile, or offer to help clean up the table a bit, then leave a real tip.  The next time you come in, they may ask why you are so different, then you can share about God’s love in your life.   I have even seen tracts that look like money.  I wonder how may servers have picked up that tract and said, “YES! fake money!  Now let me see how Jesus can make me RICH!”  Bad message and even worse witnessing.

3.  DITCH THE THOUGHTLESS SIGNS ON CHURCH BILLBOARDS!  Saw this one this past week.  “Love Jesus or Go to Hell!”  Wow.  Do I even have to explain this? Is it so wrong to simply say “Jesus loves you?”  I can’t even begin to imagine what the unbeliever may think as he observes our haughtiness sometimes.  Epic Fail.  Use the space to say something that matters.

I have to quote the words of my Pastor, Andy Stoddard, when he said, “Witnessing is about Jesus and the change He has made in you.  He will overflow out of your life and into the world around you… if He is really in you.”

Sorry for the rant, but the truth wins!

There you have it.


~ by Scott Herrin on August 29, 2011.

5 Responses to “Epic Fails in Sharing your Faith”

  1. You are so right and so is your pastor Andy Stoddard! Thanks Scott!

    • Andy was a major influence on my writing this post at this time. It was after his sermon that I became aware of the things I mentioned… God bless you in your witnessing daily!

  2. You are so right, Scott. The evidence is in how we interact with others. We should always be able and willing to give a reason for the hope that lies within us. He who is forgiven much loves much!!! And, it should show in our lives. By the way, I will depart for 2 months in Brazil in October. I will be working with Richard Shaffer Mission Ministries. I will come home for Christmas and likely make that permanent move to the mission field after the 1st of the year. Please pray for me. I am stepping out on faith and trusting Him with the rest of my life. I just want to make a career out of sharing what God has done in my life and sharing the reason for the hope that lies within me. I can’t believe that it took me most of my life to get to this point. But He knew that I would be hard headed before I was even conceived.

  3. The tip one has affected so many people. My husband is a waiter, and once, another waitress served a table of I believe 6 people, over $200 spent on food, and all they left her was a tract that said, “You thought this was real? The only thing real is God” or something like that. Let’s just say, after spending over two hours waiting on these people hand and foot, they just succeeded in making her think less of Christians. Words came out of her mouth that I don’t think existed before.

    “Want to come celebrate the death of Christ with us?” This was said to me and the husband while working in the yard not long after we moved to the neighborhood. No other mention of you know, the resurrection, salvation, nothing. And said with the most creepiest smile ever.

    My favorite though are the people who refuse to help anyone unless they sit through a service and almost force them to accept Christ, withholding food, clothes, medicine, love, shelter unless they do so.

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