A Friend in Need

Have you ever tried to have a friendship with someone and the admiration wasn’t returned?  I mean, we all have had that person that we want to be close to, but for some reason they choose not to be.  Unreturned phone calls and texts, avoiding in the hallways, an ignored invitation… all can be quite discouraging when you are reaching out.

I had someone ask me this week, “What do I have to do to feel God’s presence in my life? I feel all alone.”  My answer was in the form of another question, “What have you done to seek Him?”  There was silence.

I’ve yet to meet someone that is actively seeking the face of God that He hasn’t reached out in return.  In my opinion we look everywhere for answers, before we finally look to the one who has the answers.

Loneliness, emptiness and a touch from a friend is often wanted and needed. But where do we seek answers?  A club, another person or relationship, substances (alcohol, drugs, pain relievers etc.), and even our jobs can be places where we seek out something to fill the void inside of us.

I speak this from experience.  I came from being completely surrounded by friend a few years ago to a place now where I can honestly count the number of people who have visited my new home on one hand (with a few fingers left over)!  I have always been a person who worked hard to please people and have their approval.  If I had offended someone, I would be at their doorstep at all hours of the night to make it right.  But I’ve recently learned that I will never be good enough for some folks.  Part of that lesson could have been learned from working in the retail environment.  Being at the TOP of the lists of district sales and regional sales and still not being good enough has never set well with me, but I continue to give it my all.  Some of my bosses smile and say good job, some don’t.

My charge to you is this.  Reach out to God for your approval.  He will reach out to you.  Don’t bury yourself in tasks, people or things to find your peace.  If that person doesn’t return your calls or texts, stop trying.  If you have a friend, consider yourself very blessed.  Forget what is behind and run with passion straight to the One who can fill your emptiness.

Can there be any great great approval than this:

Matthew 25:23
“The master said, ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you many more responsibilities. Let’s celebrate together!’

As long as our Creator is pleased, we are doing well.  Never give up on being the person He wants you to be.

I know this is difficult.  I want people to like me.  I want friends, but it seems that lately they don’t want me so much.  Even still, I will continue to be who God made me to be, as simple, silly or weird as that may seem to those around me. HE is a true friend.  And I will be true to Him.

There you have it!


~ by Scott Herrin on September 6, 2011.

8 Responses to “A Friend in Need”

  1. Scott, I have gone through times like that. There were times in my life that I sought out every kind of “quick fix” i could find to fill the void, or take my mind off of my current situation. Those things did not fill the void, and more often than not, made things worse. I have hurt many people in the past, but thank God that I am now on the “straight and narrow”. This most recent time of agony and lonliness I turned to Him. It has been over a year now. I am glad that I now have Godly wisdom and people in my life to give me good councel and advice. This time it was different and I think that I am a much better man for choosing the high road this time around. I have been down the “wide road” and it ain’t no fun!! I long for that “Well done, my good and faithful servant” that I will hear one day. I will trust in Him always and He don’t make no messes!!!!

  2. I just had a conversation with my son about this very subject. I had a little battle going on about facebook and how it was making me start to feel bad about myself. Silly, but true. If I sent a friend request that got ignored or I commented and got no response I would start to wonder……That idle, wondering mind is usually NOT good. The devil loves to fill that space with doubt and feelings of inadequacy. I am working on replacing those negative thoughts with reminders from God that HE alone is all that I need. Thanks for the encouraging devotions. Keep up the good work. 🙂

    • I had a friend give me a quote that I replay in my mind often… “what others think of me is none of my business…”. I like it. You are exactly right, Ramona!

  3. This so needed to be said, it is an all too common experience for many of us-including (especially sometimes) in our churches. Jesus understands he got treated that way 2 by people not wanting him to be himself, I’m glad he didn’t budge! He will be our comfort and will bring special friends to us in his time that are being themselves too.

    • I so agree!! Jesus was the ultimate misfit. But, he made no concession for the ones who disagreed. I heard this the other day… One shouldn’t have to explain himself, his friends don’t require it and his enemies won’t believe it anyway. Lol.

  4. Scott, Bless you for your honesty. I sure needed to read this today. You said some of the very things that we discuss around here often. We love your guts 🙂 Printing this one out to keep on my desk and to send to my sweet sister. P.S. You will always have friends at the Woodard home!

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