Jesus ROCKS! but His friends… not so much

Do you consider yourself a real friend of Jesus? Is He REALLY your friend?

Have you ever been in a one-sided friendship? I bet it was awful especially if the other party is the one that totally pursued you in the first place.  But now here you are… with questions that you need answers to, with a life to share with others and you find no interest.  It stinks.  I’ve been there and I know the feeling of rejection and the pain it is accompanied by.  

When I named this blog a devotional for people who are misfits, I meant it.  Misfits like me that seem to find themselves alone in the crowd.  Do I hold the others that pass me by with contempt? no, I just have to ask God to forgive their lack of caring and ask Him to forgive my lack of humility and my pride.  After all, this world does not revolve around me.  Then we stand up and offer forgiveness.

Here is another example.

I’m intrigued by this crazy weather! It blows my mind. One day it is 40 degrees for a high and 20 for a low. Then the next day… literally the next day… it is 80 degrees for a high and the lows are in the upper 60’s. You know why we hate that so much, don’t you? Of course you do! Because it makes us sick! We start wheezing, coughing, snorting, and sneezing. IT is WILD! About the time we begin to get better, the temperature bottoms out again a day before hitting a record high. And sicker we are!    SICKER!

Kinda easy to understand how God gets sick when one day we are on fire for Him then the next we are freezing cold. Our dedication many times is much like South Mississippi weather.  Sad.
How can I ask God to give me a friend when I am not much of a friend to Him? I walk past Him often without even a glance.  
I make excuses of being too busy, but He reminds me that I make time for the things that I have made a priority in my life. If I can’t put down my Kindle long enough to read my Bible, I have a problem.  Friends make time to cultivate friendships that matter to them.  God is a friend that is to be cultivated as well. Recently, I have spent more time listening a learning from a Pastor that lives in Washington state.  He brings me to tears at times and helps me to grow in the Lord.  In my busy life, when I am too busy to read, I can listen to him online.  My local pastors are so busy that I just find it easier not to bother them.  So I am trying to amend my life to conform it to a way that I can still grow.  
As I am struggling with a rebellious spirit, I pray that God will patiently try to help me to grow. 
But there is one who was a misfit too.  And to Him I am a priority.  If you are interested in a short video of the pastor I was telling you I was listening to, you can check him out here —->religion versus redemption
I once had an acquaintance say to me that he was a recovering Christian.  He referenced this to being hut by folks in churches.  And I’m praying he will see that the church is not about people.  But I can relate to being where churches are the ones that cause hurt and pain.  It is a sad place to be when you begin prayers by saying, “Dear Father, I love You, but I don’t care too much for your friends.”
I will continue to go to church.  I will continue to sing and be preached to.  I will continue to deal with awkward moments.  But every time I do, I am there presenting myself to Jesus as an awkward misfit that has done Him wrong more times than I can count.  I want to be used maybe someday… but I have doubts that it will be anytime soon.  He has a little work He needs to do on my beat up heart right now.
There ya have it… just keeping it real…

~ by Scott Herrin on December 11, 2011.

2 Responses to “Jesus ROCKS! but His friends… not so much”

  1. Great post Scott. Of course you are currently being used throughtgis blog.There are so many different avenues of ministry. You have been a real encouragement to me on this journey.

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