3 Things To Do When You Can’t Go To Church

Many people’s schedule inhibit their church attendance. I, for example, have a job in retail and I have no choice but to work on many Sundays.  So what can I do about it?  Are there other ways that I can stay encouraged and continue to grow in Christ in between being able to actually physically attend? Well I’m glad you asked.

I have had more than one pastor tell me that if I loved Jesus, and had enough faith in Him, I would abandon the job that I have and find one that would afford me the opportunity to go to church and never miss. Baloney.  My question is this.  Who is to say that I am not exactly where God wants me to be right now?  I do miss getting to go when I miss, but there are ways that I can stay active in His Kingdom.  Here are some ideas.


Set aside some time during your day, even if it is in the car on your way to work, to plan your own worship service. Load your mp3 player, phone, or cd player with some of your favorite worship music and sing along.  If you don’t like singing, or are worried about what the other drivers may think, just meditate closely on the words and what the songs are saying.


Praise God for the triumphs and trials in your life. Thank Him for His provision (including your job that is keeping you from being in church).  Tell Him the things that are on your heart.  Ask for help in areas that you need growth.  Lay it all out there… then stop… and listen.   Allow His voice to speak to you and lead you in areas that may need change.


I have several pastors that I like to listen to online and I find much inspiration, encouragement and challenge in listening to these guys.  Here are a few of my favorite (you can click on the photos for links to their websites):

Pastor Bob Beeman. Pastor of Sanctuary International.













Pastor Mark Driscoll, pastor of Marshill Church in Seattle, WA













Beth Moore












Johnny Hunt, Pastor of First Baptist Church, Woodstock, GA










Andy Stoddard, Pastor of Asbury Church, Petal, MS (My pastor)













All of these pastors load tons of online sermons, podcasts and youtube videos weekly.  If none of these tickle your fancy, go find a person you enjoy hearing expound on God’s Word! In our day and age with the technological advances we have, you can literally listen to hours a day with no repeats.  You will not agree with everything you hear, but you will be exposed to the Word of God that will keep you growing in Him.

Don’t fall into the trap that because you may work on Sundays, you can’t be in church.  You can still worship, grow, be challenged, praise, give, and learn just as regularly as the next guy who’s off every weekend.  Also, keep up the daily devotional reading of Scripture and quiet time as well.  Also, don’t listen to the hogwash that because you work on Sundays, you are out of the will of God.  Thank the Lord that nurses, police, firemen etc. don’t shut down every Sunday.

Now get going and get GROWING.

There you have it.


~ by Scott Herrin on January 30, 2012.

8 Responses to “3 Things To Do When You Can’t Go To Church”

  1. Thanks for sharing this message. I work alot of Sundays and it is a constant struggle, but thanks for encourging me make time for worship.

  2. As the aforementioned Andy knows, I work Sundays.

    Thankfully, watching “Time That Makes the Differences” on Sunday mornings helps pick up the slack. Thankful for the recently released Asbury app.

  3. Hi. Thank you for your post. The 3 things you mention are all very good. I was wondering if there is something else that should be added. Hebrews 10:24-25 (and other places in the bible such as 1 Corinthians 12-14) tell us that Christian gatherings such as sunday services are not just about us getting our own personal encouragement. It is also about us encouraging others.

    So I was thinking some other things to add could be…
    -meeting with Christians (from your local church family) at another time in the week for bible reading, prayer, etc. This could be a weekly small group.
    -one to one meetings with another Christian.
    -and even if you can’t get to your local church every week, striving to go every Sunday you are not rostered on for work (if your work situation allows it).


    Paul Hallam

  4. Hi.

    Thank you for your helpful thoughts. Can I suggest another?

    In passages like Hebrews 10:24-25 and others like 1 Corinthians 12-14, we are reminded that Christian gatherings, such as a Sunday service, are not just about the individual being encouraged. It is also about the individual encouraging and edifying others (and others encouraging him/her).

    So here are my thoughts for some possible additions to the good things you have already said…

    -Arrange to meet with Christians from church at another time in the week to read the bible, pray, share fellowship. This might be at a weekly small group.
    -Arrange to meet one to one with another Christian to do this.
    -Even though you may not be able to make church every Sunday, strive to go every Sunday you can (if your work situation allows).


    Paul Hallam.

    • Thanks Paul. Good additions! I try to meet up with and spend time with other believers as often as possible. I’m also involved in quite a bit of online encouragement of others (i.e. this blog) and that’s a big part of what church should be. Indeed good additions!

  5. So, for a long time I’ve been in a situation. Not so new town anymore but no home Church. That combined with my work is a problem and I can feel it. Looking for anyway to stay close to God and my own upbringing. Thanks for this advice. Maybe it’s what I need…

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