Media, Music and the Message

Go with me on a journey.  Let’s travel to the days of cassette recorders and record players.  Some things change so much.

My earliest memories of music are of me sitting in front of an old record player.  Most kids now days have little concept of how a record even played.  but for those of us who can remember, let

I still have one of these beauties in my attic... and it still works!

me throw a couple of questions your way!  Do you remember playing a 33 rpm on 45 and singing the songs like the chipmunks?  What about stopping the player with your fingers and playing it backwards to see if the devil is talking through the backwards masking?  Haha!  What great memories of trying to hear Queen sing about marijuana by playing Another One Bites the Dust in reverse!

>>>>>>>>My earliest memories of learning about God are with me reading His word.  Funny… that is still one of the greatest ways I learn about Him.  I guess some things never change.

Then came one of the grandest inventions of my young life — the cassette player!!  What a great invention!  You could buy blank cassettes of varying lengths from 10 minutes all the way up to two hours.  I never did really decide which were the better cassette… Memorex (is real or is it Memorex) or Sony.  Either way, I used the chrome low noise cassette because they were way more awesome than the lame voice quality ones.  The recorder was key

Ooooooh! Extra bass!! Even better!!

as well.  It was a must to have a Dolby noise reduction button and adjustable recording levels.  Technology really showed out when they came up with a cassette player/recorder that would actually reverse itself and play the other side without having to eject the cassette and flip it over.  Amazing.  Many a Sunday afternoon was spent listening to Casey Casem and the American Top Forty and hitting the pause button to begin the recording process to capture your favorite song.  Then one would hope beyond all hopes that Casey wouldn’t open his big mouth and start talking too early over the end of the song before you had time to fade the recording level down and hit pause.  Then, the most important part, break the notch out that kept it from recording again over your masterpiece!!  (After all you could always put a piece of Scotch tape over it if you wanted to recycle the cassette!)

>>>>>>  Still, learning about God came through studying His word, listening to teachers, preachers, or others that would help you Grow in Him.  Hmmmm.  No big change from earlier days.  Maybe this old idea of the Bible is actually still relevant?  Could be I suppose.

Cassettes did have their hang-ups!

Well… cassettes had a good run.  They did have their problems, however.  It never failed that my favorite cassettes would wear out after much repeated play.  And then there was the worst problem that could possibly happen… your player could eat the tape.  Not only was the cassette worthless afterwards, but the player had to be replaced for fear of it happening again to your others!  Thus. music had to change yet once again…  Follow the cassette came the compact disk.  And now digital music has replaces almost all hard copies of music period.

>>>>>> It is here where I realize that the world around me, including the different

Heaven will always be Heaven... and Hell will forever be just that... Hell

forms of media, changes constantly.  But some things do not.  God will always be God.  He will never change.  His Spirit will always speak if we are still long enough to listen.  His Word will always instruct, correct, and deepen our relationship with Him if we are patient enough to invest in it.  His truths will always be true.  His reality will always be reality.  His Son will always be the ONLY way to forgiveness and ultimately the only way to reach His Heaven.  He is unchanging…  Here is what His word says about it:

Hebrews 13

8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. 9 So do not be attracted by strange, new ideas. (NLT)

Side note: you may ready your bible in many forms. A paper book, the internet, a smart phone, Kindle, or even in mp3 format.  But the media is not the issue… it is the message contained therein.  Some bands put out an album that I purchased on a record, then on cassette, then on CD and now I’ve even downloaded the same album digitally.  This is because I like it tha much.  But you know what? The songs are the same.  And I still love them regardless of the media.  God’s word is much the same.  His word is His word regardless of how you inject it into your life.  The important thing is that you do just that! Go seek Him!

Peace and Love, Misfits!


~ by Scott Herrin on March 16, 2012.

One Response to “Media, Music and the Message”

  1. Right on, brother!!! His Word is the Power to change as life. Transformation is what one should seek and nothing transforms like the Word of God. I am living proof. Check out my pics on FB. Got some dandy’s today on the Guapore River, the border between Brazil and Bolivia.

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