JEDI: Jesus Every Day Illuminated, Part 2: Take Me to your Leader

This is a shot from one of the first alien movies I remember ever seeing as a kid, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" I remember wondering if it could ever really happen!

Every person is a testimony to another.  We all reflect our upbringing, our beliefs, and even our education.  Whether we like it or not, if we call ourselves Christians, we are always casting either a favorable or an unfavorable image of our Lord with each word we speak and each step we take. Allow me to give you a couple of real world examples.

Though a man may be married with children, if he is observed making out with another man, the general assumption is that he is a homosexual.  An Indian woman who wears a burgundy colored dot between her eyes is considered a married Hindu woman.  A college girl who wears a Playboy Bunny pendant is sending a signal that she is sexually liberal.  The list goes on and on.  And though assumptions aren’t always true, many times they do reflect reality.

Christianity is a little different, though.  These days, a Christian may have tattoos, long hair, shaved head, wear a suit or jeans with holes in the knees.  But

This Alien scared me! Do you ever wonder how we are perceived by the world around us?

in the society that we live in, Christians are judged by more than their outward appearance… and rightly so.  We live in a dark world.  Most people we come in contact with randomly, on a daily basis, couldn’t care less if we are wearing black or not, it is the person we are on the inside that sparks their interest or inspires disgust.

I’ve noticed that wherever I am, it doesn’t take long for people to realize that I am a believer.  They begin to act differently around me, for the most part.  They respect my beliefs enough to curb their language around me, they seem to be aware that I am around when the jokes go awry, and they will often ask me my opinion or what the Bible says about a certain subject (this is when you really know they are checking you out).  But the main thing they do is watch.  They carefully observe me.  I may get the occasional question about why my hair is long  or why I dress more like a biker than a preacher, but it is my behavior that they scrutinize.  This alarms me a bit because I know me.  I will most certainly let you down if you follow me around long enough.

This photo is supposedly a "real alien" caught on film!! Are we real to the world around us?

But knowing that I am being watched, reminds me that I am held to a higher standard of living.  Now be careful in your understanding here.  I am not acting or putting on a holier than thou show here.  I am simply trying to learn to live my faith… trying to walk the talk… practice what I preach.  I do often get a funny reaction when someone realizes that my faith is so important to me simply because I am a bit unconventional in my appearance, however my attitude and my heart must always shine brightly in this dark world in which I reside.  This compels me and pushes me to a closer walk with my Leader, my King Jesus, in my daily life.  When one knows that he is being watched, one will work harder to be the best example he can. But here is the kicker… are we not watched all the time anyway? The Father can see us even when the lights are out and we can’t see ourselves!  Let’s remember that all around us ia a world that is searching for something real. They are hungry for life.  This world is so sick and tired of the Christian bumper stickers and t-shirts that are sported by men and women who never point to the one true Leader that needs no advertisement.  This world is crying for us to take them to our Leader.  We can give them a pithy cliché or we can live a life that carries them to His throne of love, grace, and forgiveness.

A statue of my Leader

I may not look like a preacher that stands behind a pulpit every Sunday, but I am determined to live like a man who loves his God.

Truth wins!

~ by Scott Herrin on April 1, 2012.

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