I like to use my imagination to help me grasp different spiritual concepts.  I am a visual person and telling stories and parables help me to see spiritual concepts.  Check out this story… it’s really short, but I’m curious if we can find any comparisons to the Christian life.

We are all headed to the terminal. Eventually we all make this trip.  All of us.  Sometimes it seems that the most difficult part of reaching the gate is the journey to get there in the first place.  There is no place more crowded than an airport.  Everyone is trying to get there and be on time.  Cabs, people and luggage everywhere… and many times they are just in the way.  If you aren’t careful, you will run someone completely over as they dart out in front of you!

You can’t afford to be late… you could miss your departure time.  As you near the gate, it seems that time only moves faster and faster.  The anxiety inside makes it seem that your heart is pounding as you rush to be where you are supposed to be. 

Then there are the lines.  Hurry up and wait.  Wouldn’t it be easier if we could set our own departure time and be able to walk right up to the counter, present our boarding pass and go?  I wish.  But alas, we wait.  We go through the line waiting for our number to be called.  It could be soon or we could be waiting a while.  This is precisely why the travel agent suggests we be early and ready ahead of time.  The departure will not be pushed back simply because I’m not ready.  So here we wait.

The number is called and we approach the desk. Our boarding pass and reservation are verified.  They check our identification to make sure that we are who we say we are.  Our passport gives them a record of everywhere we’ve been before.  None of that matters now, though.  What matters is now… today… this time.  And baggage?  What a relief!  I’ve been dragging this baggage for hours and finally I can hand it over to the terminal and allow them to handle it from now on.  My shoulders are weak from carrying it but now they already feel revived as the weight is lifted from them.  I stretch.  Walking is easier now.

Now I proceed to security.  Everything is checked to make sure that total safety is insured.  Nothing gets to the terminal that can cause interruption of the trip.  No weapons, no threats, no harmful elements are allowed on this trip only me and my boarding pass.

Happiness, anxiety, hope, fear, all welling up inside as stand at the gate.  I turn and say a final goodbye to my loved ones who have come with me to see me off.  There are tears.  I know that soon I will see them again.  They ask me to give their love to the ones I am going to see and I agree.  It’s hard to leave everything here to relocate.  But I’m excited to see my Father.  It’s been such a long time. 

A final call from the gate and it’s time to go.  I’m pleasantly surprised to learn that every ticket is first class! Every single one!  I walk down the long hall and there’s no going back.  The moment has come.  It all comes to this.

I take flight.


~ by Scott Herrin on May 21, 2012.

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